What Sets Us Apart

The Gruber Orthodontics Difference

In many orthodontic practices, the goal of treatment is only tooth alignment. In our office, we perform both tooth alignment and bite correction, to combine the cosmetics of a beautiful smile and the health service of proper dental function.

While we understand the importance of an attractive smile, without a correct bite your smile probably won’t last. It is our goal to give you a beautiful, healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

The New-Patient Process

Each new patient induction is a two-step process. Prior to being examined by Dr. Gruber, a patient receives a tour of the office and has digital photographs and a panelipse X-ray taken. Next, Dr. Gruber performs a detailed examination of the patient and, if indicated, completes the record-taking process.

After a complete set of orthodontic records has been obtained, a consultation appointment is scheduled to discuss the patient’s orthodontic problems and present the treatment plan to the patient and parent.

To determine the proper treatment plan, we generate a computer simulation that includes a growth forecast and anticipated effects of treatment on the patient’s face and teeth. This treatment simulation is called VTO, or Visual Treatment Objective. At the consultation appointment, the treatment plan or VTO will be presented.

Dr. Gruber uses the most advanced techniques and materials to reduce the length of treatment and improve the quality of care. Our office places Opal® Seal™ on the surface of the teeth where the appliance is attached. The application of this material almost completely eliminates the appearance of white marks on teeth that result from ineffective oral hygiene.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Each patient’s models are mounted on an instrument called an articulator, which shows how the teeth are functioning in relation to the temporomandibular joints. The information about how the jaws move is essential for creating the most effective treatment plan for a patient’s case.

We take a series of radiographs that help Dr. Gruber evaluate each patient’s bone structure in all three dimensions. Where indicated, Dr. Gruber obtains tomographs of the patient’s temporomandibular joints to evaluate for any further necessary treatment.

Ortho Rewards Incentive Program

Our office offers an incentive program to our patients. Patients earn points based on good oral hygiene, being on time for their appointment, wearing their rubber bands, and having nothing broken or loose. The patient can check online for his or her most recent score and current grand total, and select a prize from a terrific assortment.